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Chris v. Rautenkranz

Soundgarden Tonstudio GmbH (Hamburg)

Mastering Engineer Chris v. Rautenkranz co-founded the Soundgarden Tonstudio in 1990. Back then Soundgarden Tonstudio were at the forefront of producing the so called ‘Hamburg School of Music’ which iconic acts were: Blumfeld, Tocotronic etc.

Throughout the 90s Chris has recorded & mixed hundreds of sessions as house-engineer for Soundgarden Tonstudio. However in the mid 90s Chris fell in love with concentrating on ‘Mastering’ audio & records and since 2008 he is the sole owner of Soundgarden Tonstudio and runs his independent mastering - suite within the Clouds Hill Recording studios.

Soundgarden Tonstudio has already been awarded with several gold & platinum awards from Jazz to Rock.

To date Chris functions also, together with Dinesh Ketelsen, as the senior in-house technician for the world-renowned studio Clouds Hill Recordings.

Download a combined .pdf portfolio for Soundgarden Tonstudio GmbH & Clouds Hill Recordings here.


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